I am Abdalhamid Evans

Here you will find some of my offerings of leather, poems, rhymes, songs, photos and reflections.

They are all leaning in the same direction, all part of a quest to re-discover, re-member and re-orient my being towards the Fitra.

Fitra…it is our natural state, our original nature, a condition we were all born with, an authentic way of human being on earth.

Part of its root meaning is the act of germination, the splitting open of the seed as it bursts into life.

Fitra…you can sense it immediately in new born babies and indigenous un-conditioned peoples, if you can still find any.

We must re-discover it within ourselves and in our world, and protect and nourish it.

It is always there between the lines.

We just have to recognise it.

It is written evrywhere

Written in runes, written in the sky, written in our cells