Heartlands CD and Lyrics

Don’t for a minute think that your heart is just a pump.

It is the core of our consciousness, it is the root of all our senses, the place where they meet…so take care what you let in.

The heart is the audience chamber where we encounter Reality, and so it must be kept as pure, focused, inspired and alive as possible.

In these days of chaos, we have to hold our hearts on course, following the signs on the horizon and in our selves. Hold on tight to the rope, or the winds of greed and violence will rip it from your hands, and spin you out until you no longer remember why you are even here. You may even forget that you have forgotten.

These are tracks from my Heartlands.
They are the soundtrack of a part of the journey, and a playlist of remembrance.

Open the gate, and in you go…

1. Heartlands 6.58
2. If Only, Mama 7.15
3. Got Away Clean 4.48
4. Muhammad Ali 5.12
5. Weatherman 4.19
6. Your Shoes 6.03
7. Captain, Oh Captain 4.32
8. Blood and Love 6.02
9. If Only, Once Again 5.37

Download the Heartlands PDF (7MB), this is an eBooklet with all the lyrics, and the tracks are available to hear and download on Soundcloud.com/LookingForfitra as high quality .aiff files – just follow the links on each page of lyrics.

All songs written and arranged by AbdalHamid Evans
Recorded, mixed and mastered at home in Norfolk
Photography by Jethro Evans and Karima Dalmau

Guitars, harmonica, bass, vocals: AbdalHamid Evans

For more, email me…hamid at lookingforfitra.com





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