Be Your Note

We are creatures, created by God, the Creator. Created-ness and creativity are inherent human attributes, they are hardwired into our DNA.

Watch a small child at play, making up words and stories, moving between the imaginary and physical worlds at will, dancing between the two, creativity flowing from tongue and finger.

Observe a group of children, see how their creativity flows between them, back and forth, and in this interaction new worlds are created and destroyed. We are born with this skill…and yet all too often it is stifled as we grow up, though pressure, imagined or real, from family and peers.

The eyes of the other silence us.

This is particularly true within today’s Muslim world. Creativity became an almost dirty word. We conform, we do not create; only God creates. Fearing disapproval, we remain silent, and allow others, those without limits on their behaviour, to be the creative powers.

And yet we cannot live in a world without sound, colour, pattern and story. We need them, they are the oxygen of understanding, the catalysts of meaning. They help us to see ourselves, they are among the signs in ourselves and on the horizon.

And so we find ourselves, all across the world, imbibing everyone else’s creative output. We have become passive consumers on the buffet of today’s film, tv, music and art offerings. We try to pick and choose, we have a critique, we complain…and yet, for the most part, we live within that realm of meanings and opinion churned out by ‘the media’.

Surely we, believers who surrender and accept God’s limits, must also become a creative force in today’s world. We are inheritors of the Great Message. We have heard and understood, each in our own way, and we have stories, songs, pictures and patterns of our own, coloured by the light of the prophetic message.

Tell it how you see it, tell it like it is…find your language, find your tongue, choose your fabric, fill your palette, strike your note…

Our noble patron, Rumi, has given us all permission…“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

Let us take it and run.

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