Got me by the heart

I see the gifts that You lay on my table
Lord you know I have my fill
I try to use’em right, best as I am able
Though my heart may tremble and thrill

Half the time I seem to go too far
Rest of it, well I’m falling short,
And every time that I fall down on my face
I know that I’ve been caught
I know that I’m being taught
He’s got me by the heart.

You see the blessings that come to your door
and you know that you have to use them
And gratitude is making use of the gifts
and trying not to abuse them.

The goal of doing is the doing-ness itself
The meaning does not lie just in the ending
So go your way, and so you pray
That the destiny was part of the sending
The beginning came along with the ending
And got you by the heart.

We see the road as it rolls out ahead
And we know we have to face it
Your destiny is calling out to you
And you know, you have to embrace it.

Cos in the end you know you’ve been bought and sold
You traded yourself for the garden
And so you turn again and you lay your head
And offer your self up for pardon
It’s one of the keys to the door of the garden
And it opens in your heart

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