A man should dig the earth
it is good for his body, his mind, his soul.

It is humbling to dig the earth
the earth is so big…
you are so small,
you can only move it in small pieces
one at a time.

There is digging, and not-digging,
and both are good for you.

Digging is digging.

Not-digging is not the same as not digging…
not digging is just standing around.

Not-digging has two aspects;
there is a way of digging whereby you cease to become your ordinary self,
and you become Digging Man,
an ancient primal archetype of human being.
You lose your self in the act of digging
and become just another one of all the diggers
since the beginning,
and oh how far back it goes…!
Just ask Cain and Able

Digging Man is ancient.

Then there is not-digging when you pause to rest
and have a think about the garden…
or digging, and how extraordinary it is
in its simplicity and power
and in that state you remain ancient Digging Man
and while you might not be digging
you are not just standing around.

And with your beating heart you feel the pulse of the earth,
that force that pushes the shoots out of the ground
and into green abundance in the air

Not-digging is profound.

There is digging and not-digging
and both bring great benefit.

So get out and dig…
you can’t get to not-digging unless you do some digging
and even if digging does not become not-digging,
it is a great way to eat fresh vegetables.

Just something to think about when you are digging…
Or not.

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